November Events

  We’ve got some great events coming up in November for all ages! Trash or Treasure, What’s It Worth? Select a maximum of two ‘priceless’ possessions, and haul them over to the Library’s antique and collectible appraise-a-thon. Appraisals will take place on a first-come first-served basis as time permits. Weapons […]

Database Spotlight: Mango Languages

Foreign language at your fingertips! Whether you’re traveling abroad or just want to improve  your language skills, Mango is the database for you. Mango is an online language learning site that covers over 70 languages including Spanish, French, Russian and more.  Each Mango lesson teaches vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture. […]

Tales of Horror

Halloween is almost here! We hope you’ve been watching lots of horror movies and indulging in some candy.  Why not enjoy a scary story as well and check out our current gallery book display featuring all things spooky, frightening and downright chilling.  Looking for a good Halloween read?  BookPage put […]