December Puppet Show!

Klezmer Kabaret Puppet Show! Tuesday, December 3 @ 7:00 p.m. (Main Library)

All are welcome!  Registration begins Nov. 19.



What is Klezmer music? It’s joyful, funny, exhuberant, and sometimes even a little sad. It was born a few hundred years ago in small villages in Eastern Europe and now enjoys a great renaissance all around the world.

This production is a tribute to that world, and a full-fledged concert in and of itself.

Not only will you see a fiddler on a roof, you’ll see a clarinet, accordion and trumpet player, too. Plus, a line of jubilant dancers balancing wine bottles on their heads, funny village clowns and amazing acrobats – a unique puppet theater experience, bringing to life the soulful world of Klezmer entertainment. It’s timeless, it’s traditional, it’s terrific!

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