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Planning Programs for Children and Families

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Did you know that it takes approximately five hours of planning for each program that we present? We were surprised, too! That time includes finding just the right stories and materials, preparing what is needed for crafts, working on publicity, contacting performers that we hire, sending contracts and arranging payment for performers, rehearsing the stories we will use in programs we present, setting up, cleaning up, and much more.

Programming is just one part of what children’s librarians do for you: We also read reviews, select materials (books and media) to purchase, check in those purchases when they arrive, hunt for missing books, determine when a book is beyond repair and must be replaced, create lists and displays of recommended books, and – the most important thing – we answer your questions, help you find books and information that you need, and recommend some good books to read.

Did you enjoy the Winter Reading Program? We hope so – because planning that program, from choosing a theme to how it will work to setting up the online components, purchasing prizes, and creating the support materials are all part of what we do.

We are already planning the 2014 Summer Reading Program, Fizz Boom Read, which will feature a science theme and begins on June 15.

We love your feedback on children’s programs, and we try to honor requests when we can, so please do let us know what you are thinking.

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