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How to Help your Child Get the Most out of Storytime

The programs at Franklin Township Library are designed to further develop your child’s early reading skills. They are carefully planned to help your child pay attention, develop listening skills, and improve comprehension – and all of these are valuable skills for children beginning school!

For your child to receive the most benefit from the program, and as a courtesy to other children in attendance, we ask that you:
1) Arrive on time. Allow your child to experience the full program, from start to finish, without interruptions from latecomers. Also, some children find it intimidating to join a group in progress, while others prefer to visit their favorite spots in the library first.
2) Be an active listener. Your child will model your behavior – if you are paying attention, listening, and taking an active part in the activities, then your child will learn to do so.
3) Keep your wandering child with you – for safety reasons. Wandering children have tripped over feet and fallen, and also stepped on fingers.
4) Take your restless little one outside of the room – if the behavior is distracting other children. We know that children get restless, and when yours does, then feel free to step out of the room and watch the program through the glass wall. When your child settles down, you may re-enter the room between the stories or rhymes and sit near the back. Keep trying – they will get better at this in time.

Do you know the best thing you can do to help your child be ready to read and learn in school?

Read together every day! The Youth Services librarians are ready to help you find books you will enjoy.

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