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Decorate your School Supplies and a FREE College and SAT Info Session

Decorate your School Supplies…plus
homemade journals and organizers!
Tuesday September 19th @ 7pm
Use the library’s many craft supplies to
decorate your school supplies! We’ve got sharpies, stickers, duct tape, washi tape, and more. Plus use the comb binding machine to create a custom journal or organizer for the school year.



FREE SAT and College Information Session
Thursday September 21st @ 7pm
This session for high school students and parents will cover:
· Early steps (sophomore and junior year) of
college preparation
· PSAT, SAT, and ACT Test Preparation
· How to effectively choose your colleges
· Strategies to increase your chances of acceptance
· Scholarships and Financial Aid
· And more!

Register online starting Thursday September 7th.

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