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New Additions to the Franklin Township Online Photo Archive

Are you interested in the history of Franklin Township? The Library is home to a treasure trove of historical photos which can be seen on our website! Exploring the archive, you can get a sense of what daily life was like in the township and surrounding area during the early twentieth-century. From fashion to transportation to city life, these rare photos are a window into the past. We’ve recently uploaded 50 more photos to the online archive, bringing our collection to 668 total images! Each photo is complete with a description of the content as well as of the photo itself (dimension of the photo, the collection it belongs to, etc.).

Click here to explore the Franklin Township Photo Archive!

PLEASE NOTE: These images are subject to copyright. Please ask permission before using them. You can do this by clicking on “Request Image,” found on the bottom right of each picture.


Here are a few standout photos!


That is the Hindenburg flying over the corner of Albany St. and Spring St. of New Brunswick, NJ!


The first automobile in East Millstone (now in Franklin Township), taken on the corner of Market St. and Amwell Rd.
(c. 1907)


The original structure that crossed the Raritan River on Landing Lane.
(c. 1918)


Taken by White’s Farm in Somerset, NJ.
(c. 1918-1920)

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

George, FTPL

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