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Unlimited Access to the New York Times Website Now Available!

You can now get full access to the New York Times website through the Library!


Visitors to the NYT site normally get a limit of 5 free article views without a subscription. If you are at the Franklin Township Library, you can create a NYT account for free and read as many articles as you like!

How do I get started?

Go to our site

 In the yellow navigation bar at the top of the page, click Explore.

 Click Databases.


 Click Databases By Name. A list of our databases in alphabetical order will appear.


 Scroll to N, then click on the link that says New York Times. 


If you are at the library:

 Click Log In at the top right of the page.


 Next to where it says “Don’t have an account,” click Create One >>


 Enter a working email and create a password, then click Sign Up.


That’s it! You can log on whenever you’re here for full access to the New York Times website!

If you are out of the library:

You’ll still need to register for an account. Click on the same link on our website as shown above. If you’re out of the library, you’ll be automatically taken to where you can find your access code. If you plan to use a smartphone or tablet, download the New York Times app (it will be free in your app store).

Click Redeem. You’ll now have unlimited access to the NYT website for 72 hours.



If you have any questions about the New York Times website, you can leave a comment below or give the reference desk a call at 732-873-8700 ext. 111.

Thanks for reading!

-George, FTPL

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