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Universal Class Now Available Through the Library!

You now have access to Universal Class with your Franklin Township Library card! Universal Class brings you lifelong learning courses in over 30 subject areas, many of which offer continuing education units (CEUs). More than 500 courses are available, and all are designed and led by professional instructors to build deeper understanding and mastery of subject matter. A wide range of subjects are available, from accounting, history, and mathematics to spiritual studies, interpersonal skills, and more! Here’s how to get started:


1. Go to our website at, and click Explore. Then, click Databases.


2. Click Databases by Name. Then, scroll down to U for Universal Class. Click the link.



3. On the login page for Universal Class, enter your Franklin Township Public Library card number. You will also need to enter a working email and a password to create an account.


4. Here is the home page for your Universal Class account. From here you can:

a) Access the My UC panel. This is where you manage the different classes you’re enrolled in, view your achievements, view your profile, change account options, and more.

b) Access the Account Management menu, where you can do everything possible in the My UC panel, as well as view your account at a glance, change privacy settings, and logout when finished.

c) Browse through course recommendations (scroll down to browse by category).

d) Switch between viewing your account page and the Course Catalog. Clicking on the Course Catalog will allow you to browse by category and search for specific classes offered by UC.


4. Search for classes.

After clicking on Course Catalog, you can search for classes using keywords (a) or scroll down to search by category (b).


After entering your search term (“music” in this example), you can click on any class in the results page.



Searching for courses by category is just as easy! Once you click on a category, you will be shown all of the classes within that category (a). You can also navigate through UC’s list of categories on the left side of this page (b).



5. Select your desired class.

Clicking on a class will bring you to the course preview page, which features a course description and reviews from other UC users. When ready to select a course, click Join this Course at the top right of the page.


6. Begin and navigate course.

Once beginning a course, you will be taken to the course overview page. Here, you can take a look at the individual lessons that make up each course. In order to move on to the next lesson, you must complete the previous one. Click View Lesson to begin.


Each lesson has a written portion at its beginning.




Most lessons will also have a video lecture portion beneath the written section.



At the end of the lesson (if you’ve selected the certificate program option), there will be several questions or course activities to be completed.



7. Return to main screen when finished.

Once you’ve decided to stop for the time being, you can navigate back to your account home page. From here, you can manage and keep track of your current courses.



There are many, many more features and facets that Universal Class has to offer. It wouldn’t be possible to cover them all in one post, so the best way to find out about them is to sign up for an account and start a course today! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or call the Reference Desk at 732-873-8700 ext.111.

Thanks for reading,

George, FTPL

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