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Baking Soda Fun and a Story

Baking soda is a cool thing, and most people have some hanging around in their kitchens. Sometimes it’s used to absorb odors in the refrigerator. Lots of times it’s used to make quick breads that don’t use yeast. You use it when making cakes and cookies “from scratch” and can even use it with lemon juice when you make pancakes.

Best of all, you can use baking soda to make slime or volcanoes! Why not try a little chemistry today and explore the powers of baking soda?

It started out in the 19th century as something called “saleratus” and when it was first marketed in 1846, it changed home baking forever. The baking soda we use today is a little different from the saleratus in the 19th century, but it does the same thing. Interested students and parents can read more about that on Joe Pastry’s site (Saleratus to Soda;

One of our favorite ways to use it (besides in making slime) is what the Youth Services librarians call “vinegar painting.” All you need is baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring. The Suburban Mom has some great directions and cool photos on her site along with some other fun experiments:

Today might be a great day to make a volcano outdoors – the weather is warm – but if it rains, perhaps you can use baking soda to make cookies.

Check out the next Virtual Storytime featuring the story Sody Saleratus!

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