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Mike’s Hoopla Picks (Movies)

Hoopla borrows reset on March 31st! There’s still time to check out some great content. Don’t have a Hoopla account yet? Register today with your library card and PIN to enjoy these great movies and more:

1.) What We Do In the Shadows (2015, R)

This supremely silly film from directors Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi follows the daily lives of several vampires in New Zealand as the struggle to pay the rent, do chores, and run across other supernatural creatures. Check out the clip below for a taste:

2.) I Kill Giants (2017, NR)

Enter the the world of teen Barbara Thorson; her town’s only defense against merciless giants. Or is she? Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Joe Kelly.

3.) Ex Machina (2015, R)

Featuring a gloriously bearded Oscar Isaac, Ex Machina is a dark look at artificial intelligence and what it means to be human.

4.) Train to Busan (2016, NR)

Bar none the best zombie movie released in the 21st century. A unique setting and a strong focus on a father’s desire to save his daughter let this one rise above the horde.

5.) Charlie Bartlett (2008, R)

Charlie Bartlett is a kid with issues…and he’s using those issues to help his fellow students as the school “psychiatrist.” An entertaining and energetic performance by the late Anton Yelchin is anchored with great supporting roles by Robert Downey Jr. and Kat Dennings.

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