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Census Day 2020: Fill in Your Questionnaire Online Today!

What is Census Day?

Today, April 1st, is a key reference date set aside before the 2020 Census and NOT a deadline. The Census Bureau uses this day to try to determine who will be counted and where in the upcoming Census. When filling out your questionnaire you will be telling the Bureau where you live as of April 1st, 2020, including anyone who lives and sleeps in your home. You can still respond after this date. Filling out the questionnaire is easier than ever – click here to begin filling out your 2020 Census form online!

Why should I fill out my 2020 Census questionnaire?

Simply put, “the census tells us who we are and where we are going as a nation, and helps our communities determine where to build everything from schools to supermarkets, and from homes to hospitals. It helps the government decide how to distribute funds and assistance to states and localities.” In other words, the data produced by the Census is crucial to the development and well-being of the county by helping to appropriately distribute funds and political representation. Click here for more information about the importance of the 2020 Census.

So there you have it: the 2020 Census questionnaire is essential to the country AND easy to fill out. Please leave any questions or comments about the Census below!

Thanks for reading!
-George, FTPL

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