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Buzz Goes the Nursery Rhyme

Bees and nursery rhymes are a great combination! Use the rhymes to teach your little one about the good things bees do, along with teaching them about numbers, counting, and increasing vocabulary.


BUZZ! goes the bee,
Hour after hour,
BUZZ! goes the bee
From flower to flower.

Sucking out the nectar
Flying it home.
Storing up the nectar
In the honeycomb

BUZZ! goes the bee,
Making honey so sweet.
Bee makes the honey
That I love to eat!

Here are more bee songs and rhymes from Can Teach:

Just a note: The AAP Pediatric Nutrition Handbook states, “Infants younger than 12 months should avoid all sources of honey.” So have fun with the rhymes but save the tasting for when your pediatrician gives the okay.

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