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Words & Nonsense

Sometimes there are many words that mean pretty much the same thing. Look at the word “pants” as an example: We call them pants, slacks, trousers, jeans, pantaloons, leggings, and even scrubs. They can be a little different – slacks are dressier than jeans, which are casual, and pantaloons are old-fashioned pants while scrubs are worn by nurses and doctors on the job – but you get the idea.

In the story today, which is from England, a man hires someone to work as his housekeeper (or maid or cleaning lady …) but he has his own way of naming things and wants her to use the names he made up for things.

Maybe this story is where Dr. Seuss got the idea to make up nonsense words for his books!

Have fun with the story! Here are two ways you can go beyond the tale:

  1. After you listen to the story, click on the link below to find a worksheet based on this story. Match each picture with the name the master gave it. You can print it out or talk about it together while looking at the screen.
  2. Make up your own words for things in your house today. See how long you can keep it up without forgetting!

Both of those activities will help build language and memory skills.

Here is the link to the worksheet:

And here is the story Master of All Masters:

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