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Vacation Creations: Ogres and Other Beasts

Ogres & Other Beasts
Ogres are giant, monster-like creatures who eat a LOT! Most are supposed to be scary and not very smart – except for Shrek, of course, who is witty and even kind sometimes.
Make some ogres with big mouths that are ready to eat everything in sight! They can be goofy or scary – you decide.

What you need:
• Strips of paper that are between 2 inches and 5 inches wide. The paper should be stiff or sturdy, not too flimsy or floppy.
• Assorted copy paper and scrap paper for decorating
• Gluestick
• Scissors
• Crayons or markers

What you do:
• Cut the wide strips of paper at any length and round off the corners on one end. The rounded end will be the top.
• Fold the paper in half.
• Use the assorted paper scraps to cut bits to create the facial features. For eyes, cut circles or other shapes from white copy paper and use a marker to fill in. Glue it to the face and add additional details like eyebrows, a nose, etc. Cut thin strips of paper and curl it around your finger, then glue it near the top of the head for hair.
• Cut bits of white copy paper for the teeth and glue inside the mouth. Use red paper to make a tongue. Add spots or dots or whatever you like.
• When your ogre is ready, use your fingers and thumb to open and close its mouth. Have fun making up stories about your ogre and its favorite foods!

Early Literacy Tip: Choose a letter of the alphabet and invite your little one to find things that start with that letter to “eat.” They can be actual foods or silly things that we would never eat, like a hat or a table.

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