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Vacation Creations: What Color Is Your Unicorn?

Vacation Creations: What Color Is Your Unicorn?
Unicorns are magical, mythical creatures that are like horses with long flowing manes and tails and a spiraled horn on its forehead. They are said to have healing powers. Once, long ago, merchants tricked people by selling them a narwhal horn and saying it was from a unicorn!
Make a Unicorn Puppet – or make two and put on your own puppet show! Traditionally, unicorns are white, but you can make yours any color you like.
What you need:
• Craft stick or cardboard strip
• Paper scraps – any color plus one white scrap
• Glue stick
• Scissors
• Crayons or markers
What you do:
• Cut two of the same size shape: circle, oval or rectangle – using any color paper. Tip: Fold the paper in half, trace the shape on one side, and then cut both at the same time.
• Using the same color paper, cut two triangle shapes for the ears.
• Apply glue to one end of the craft stick and paste one of the head shapes on top. Repeat for the other side.
• Apply glue to the base of each triangle and stick them near the top of the head for the ears.
• Cut a longer triangle out of the white paper and decorate it with crayons or markers for the unicorn’s horn. Use sparkly markers if you have them! Use diagonal lines to make it look like a spiral. OR cut the unicorn’s horn out of glitter or metallic paper!
• Glue the horn to the unicorn’s forehead and add details to the face with crayons or markers.
Optional: Add bits of ribbon, sequins, or jewels for added magic!
Optional: TURN IT INTO A DRAGON! Instead of a unicorn horn, cut a zigzag strip and glue it to the back of the head. Cut wavy shapes and glue it behind the mouth for fire. Add “scales” by drawing little smiles all over the face and draw ovals with black centers for the eyes and color the space around the center a bright orange or green.

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