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Teen Outdoor Spring Scavenger Hunt!

Contest is open to teens ages 12-17 & starts May 3rd. The winner must be able to pick up the prize at one of our library locations at DeMott Lane or Franklin Park. For each photo you upload, you will earn 1 raffle entry. You can upload up to 5 photos to earn up to 5 raffle raffle entries. Select your items to photograph from the list below. Once you have collected all your photos, you can upload them at You may complete the online form only 1 time. The deadline for entries is 4pm on Tuesday, June 15. If you have any questions, please email Karen at kbilton[at]franklintwp[dot]org. You may pick your items from the list below.

flower blossoms on a tree

a bird Nest

a bee, a butterfly or a ladybug



Blooming flower(s)

Newly sprouting plant

Painted “Franklin rocks” rock



Leaf buds on a tree

rain puddle

new green leaf

selfie at a park entrance sign

any baby wild animal



tall grass

fallen petals


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