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Weekend Fun: Well Met by Moonlight

Weekend Fun: Well Met by Moonlight

Did you see the super pink moon earlier this week? It was a full moon that was a little bigger and a little brighter than usual, and if you saw it, you will know that it wasn’t pink.

Why is it called a pink moon when it isn’t pink? Every month has a name from folklore for the full moon. Many of the moon names in the United States come from Native American cultures, and in April it’s called a pink moon because it appears around the same time as a spring wildflower called phlox. If you want to learn more about the names for the full moon each month, visit National Geographic’s website:

Next month you can view the Super Flower Moon on May 26, but that will be the last super moon for 2021. Celebrate the super moon with a moon painting craft!

Moon Painting Craft

What you need:

  • large paper circle or paper plate
  • paint in a variety of colors, including white and black
  • 1 or 2 applicators for paint: baby wipes, plastic wrap, foil, bubble wrap, cut up sponges, or anything else you find around the house.
  • something to stir and mix the paint, and a take-out container to use as a paint palette

What you do:

  1. To make a large paper circle: trace anything round, like a dinner plate, on any light-colored paper or cardboard and cut it out. Optional: Use a lightweight white paper plate instead.
  2. Mix white paint with just a little of any color you choose: with black, it will make gray; with blue, it will become a pale blue; with yellow it will be a very pale yellow; and with red, it will be pale pink. Just a tiny dab of color is all that is needed. You can always add more if you wish, but the more white you have the brighter your moon will be.
  3. Cover the circle with the paint you just mixed to make the moon’s surface.
  4. On another part of the paint palette, mix some white paint with a little more black or yellow or blue or red so that you have a darker color.
  5. Use one of the paint applicators mentioned above to dab into the paint and then randomly across the surface of your moon to make craters.
  6. When the paint is dry, punch a hole and put a piece of string through it so you can hang the moon in your window.

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