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Waiting for “The Last Thing He Told Me” by Laura Dave? Try These Books While You Wait!

The Last Thing He Told Me: A Novel: Dave, Laura: 9781501171345:  Books

On the waiting list for Laura Dave’s new book, The Last Thing He Told Me? Why not try one of these similar books while you wait? Each book is available from FTPL at either the Demott Lane or Franklin Park location. For a more personalized recommended book selection, check out our Perfect Picks program on our website or ask about it at the Reference Desk! The Newcomer: A Novel eBook: Andrews, Mary Kay: Kindle Store

“The good news: Letty Carnahan has just made it to the Murmuring Surf on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her four-year-old niece, Maya, and has managed to secure a room there and even a job.The bad news: She’s on the run, having found Maya’s mother murdered and suspecting Maya’s father of the deed.” –Barbara Hoffert (Reviewed 12/01/2020) (Library Journal, vol 145, issue 12, p62) Thick as Thieves (9781538751947): Brown, Sandra: Books

“Did Arden Miller’s father take the money and run when he vanished 20 years ago after participating in the heist of a half million dollars, and was he responsible for the murder of one of his accomplices? With those questions in mind, Arden returns to her hometown, where the remaining thieves eye each other warily.” –Barbara Hoffert (Reviewed 04/01/2020) (Library Journal, vol 145, issue 4, p62)

Watch Me Disappear: A Novel: Brown, Janelle: 9780812989465:  Books

“Billie is a beloved and loving wife and mother to Jonathan and Olive – or so they believe. Her disappearance while hiking dredges up secrets about Billie’s radical past, doubts about how well either of them knew the woman around whom their lives revolved, and questions about whether Billie is even dead…or simply vanished. Hand this one to fans of domestic thrillers like The Woman in Cabin 10 or The Couple Next Door. They won’t be disappointed — Donna Maturri, Pickerington Public Library, Pickerington, OH. (LibraryReads, July 2017)

You Don't Want To Know by Lisa Jackson

“This chilling stand-alone suspense thriller from bestseller Jackson (Without Mercy) brings every parent’s biggest fear to life—the disappearance of one’s child. Nightmare-plagued Ava Garrison still can’t remember the details of the night her two-year-old son, Noah, went missing from her Washington State island home two years ago, but her memory is starting to return now that she’s stopped taking the medications she believes contribute to her nightmares. To add to her woes, Ava suspects her shifty husband, Wyatt, is cheating on her with her therapist. Even worse, Ava must prove her innocence after she becomes a prime suspect in a string of brutal murders. Fortunately, she can turn for help to rugged stable hand Austin Dern, who rescues her after she takes a plunge off the dock from which Noah may have fallen the night he disappeared. Multiple red herrings and a host of sinister characters help keep the pages turning until the explosive conclusion.” Agent: Robin Rue, Writers House. (Aug.) –Staff (Reviewed June 11, 2012) (Publishers Weekly, vol 259, issue 24, p)

If you have any questions about putting any of these books on hold, please leave a comment below or message us on our chat service.

Thanks for reading!
-George, FTPL

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