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Weekend Fun: Build a Milk-Carton Birdhouse (c. CSLP 2021)

Weekend Fun: Build a Birdhouse!

This weekend project comes from the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), the organization that provides materials for summer library programming and the summer reading program.

Registration for the 2021 Summer Reading Program, Tails and Tales, with artwork by the wonderful Salina Yoon, begins June 15, online or in person. Thanks, CSLP!

While you wait: Build a house especially for the birds in your neighborhood!

What you need:
• An empty, clean paperboard juice or milk carton (59–64 oz size)
• Scissors or a craft knife (only an adult should use the craft knife)
• Washable acrylic paint and
paintbrushes (optional)
• Newspaper (optional)
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Hole punch
• Ribbon or yarn

What you do:
1. If you like, paint the outside of the carton. You may wish to do this outdoors or on a sheet of newspaper.

2. After the carton is dry, lay it on its side.

3. Draw a circle, a rectangle, or another shape on one side of the carton. Leave at least 1″ between the bottom of the shape and the bottom edge of the carton.

4. Cut along the line you’ve drawn with scissors, or ask an adult to cut along it with a craft knife. This will result in a hole in the carton, large enough for a bird to enter.

5. Punch a hole in the very top of the carton.

6. Thread ribbon or yarn through the hole.

7. Hang up your new birdhouse!

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