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Weekend Fun: Reindeer Games

Weekend Fun: Reindeer Games

One of the most popular holiday stories and songs is Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, about a reindeer who is bullied by other reindeer for looking different. The story takes place at Santa’s workshop at the North Pole, and Rudolph is empowered by Santa in the end. Search for “reindeer” in the Library’s online catalog and you will find several books and stories about these animals, including the original story of Rudolph.

The song mentions “reindeer games,” which begs the question: What kinds of games do reindeer play? Would it be tag, running around in the frosty cold? Or hide-and-seek amidst the snow banks? Perhaps the reindeer games include puppet shows! If that’s what you think, try your hand at making a reindeer puppet in traditional or fanciful colors!

How to Make a Reindeer Paper Bag Puppet

What you need:
1 paper lunch bag
1 large circle
1 large oval
1 very small circle, red or any color
2 very small white circles
1 piece of scrap paper approx. 3 x 5 inches
glue stick
markers or crayons

What you do:

  1. Draw a large circle and cut it out.
  2. Place the paper bag so that the folded flap is at the top, facing you, and the opening is at the bottom.
  3. Glue the large circle onto the folded flap to make the head.
  4. Cut out a small circle from colored paper and glue it near the bottom of the head for the nose. Rudolph had a red nose, but yours can be any color.
  5. Cut out two small white circles for the eyes and glue them on the head. Draw the pupils (center) of each eye.
  6. Cut a large oval shape (any color) and glue it onto the bag for the reindeer’s belly.
  7. Cut two antlers out of scrap paper and glue them behind the face.
  8. Add any details you want with markers and crayons, and put on a puppet show featuring reindeer puppets playing reindeer games!

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