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Weekend Fun: New Year’s Noisemakers!

Weekend Fun: New Year’s Noisemakers!

Ring out the old year and ring in the new 2022! In many cultures, people use noise to chase that old year out along with any negative energy or bad memories from that year.

Make your own noisemaker to join in the fun!

What you need:

Paper plate, any size
Dried beans, pony beads, or small pebbles
Tape and stapler and glue
Paint or markers (optional)

What you do:

1. Draw or paint the bottom side of the paper plate. You can do both if you let the paint dry before drawing. You might want to draw your favorite events from 2021! Remember that the plate will be folded in half, so only half of the drawing will show on each side.
2. Turn the plate right side up. Spread a generous amount of glue with a glue stick around the edges. Place ribbons and streamers in the glue so that they stick out from all around the plate. Anchor them with pieces of tape for extra security. TIP: If you don’t have ribbon, use thin strips of paper – you can even cut a fringe in the strip for a feathery effect.
3. Fold the plate in half and staple it shut along the edges. Place the staples close together, leaving a small space at one end. Use lots of staples so the beans don’t fall out!
4. Use the small space to insert the dried beans, beads, or pebbles and staple the opening shut. Make sure there are no spaces for the beads to get out!

Shake shake shake to make lots of noise to scare the old year away! And remember to sign up for the Library’s winter reading programs (for all ages – even your parents) at the Library website.

See you next year!

Paint the bottom of the paper plate, then draw on it.
Use generous amounts of glue around the outside of the plate (non-painted side) and place ribbons around the edges.

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