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Weekend Fun: Heart Weaving

Weekend Fun: Heart Weaving

Have a heart this week! Do you have a favorite book series or character? Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with Wilbur the Pig in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web or a favorite cat character in Erin Hunt’s Warriors series, or maybe you like Elephant and Piggie in Mo Willem’s books.

Take a break from whatever you love – reading, playing, or creating art – to make a heart weaving to hang near your favorite things or give to someone you love!

How to Weave a Heart

What you need:

  • Large sturdy paper, such as 12-inch scrapbooking cardstock
  • Assorted strips of paper in various colors and weights
  • 13 Assorted fibers such as yarn, lace, ribbon, or fabric strips no wider than half an inch
  • Scissors
  • Tape

What you do:

  1. Fold the 12-inch paper in half and draw a large letter “C” on one side (see photo below).
  2. TIP: If you don’t have 12-inch paper, any large paper will work.
  3. Cut along the line and open it to see that you’ve created a large heart!
  4. Fold it again and cut slits from the fold almost to the edge (see photo below).
  5. Open it and lay it flat. The slits have created strips of paper across the heart.
  6. Take a strip of paper or fabric and start at the top of the center of the heart. Go under the first strip and over the second.
  7. Continue going under and over until you reach the bottom of the heart.
  8. Repeat on each side of that strip with a new fabric or paper strip until you’ve reached the outer edge of the heart. TIP: When using yarn, tie 3 lengths together at the top and weave them as one piece. TIP: Tie knots in the yarn, ribbon, or fabric strips to add texture.
  9. Fold the top strips that stick out over the top of the heart and tape them on the back of the heart.
  10. Let the bottom strips hang freely.
  11. Optional: Tie a charm, a bead, or a bow on the bottom of the center strip.
  12. To hang it, make a loop with a piece of yarn, ribbon, or fabric and tape it to the back.
Cut slits from the fold almost to the edge of the heart.

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