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Weekend Fun: Origami Envelope Book

Weekend Fun: Origami Envelope Book

The library has many books on origami, the art of folding paper into three-dimensional objects, and there are many tutorials on the Internet as well. Have some book fun this weekend by making origami envelopes and turning them into a small book of treasures.

How to make an origami envelope:

  1. Place a six-inch square of paper on the table with the corners at top and bottom, like a diamond.
  2. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top one, and crease
  3. Open it again and fold the left corner over to meet the right corner. Crease and open it again (see Photo 1 below) .
  4. Fold the left corner to the center point, and crease. TIP: The center point is where the two creases meet.
  5. Repeat with the right corner (see Photo 2 below).
  6. Fold the bottom corner up to just past the center point, and crease (see Photo 3 below).
  7. Open again, and apply glue to the edges of that bottom flap.
  8. Fold up again and rub to help the glue seal.
  9. Fold the top down and crease to finish the envelope.
  10. Repeat as many times as you wish until you have enough envelopes to make the book.

How to make an envelope book:

  1. Place one envelope on the table.
  2. Tear a piece of removable tape (e.g. painter’s tape, frog tape, washi tape, or magic tape).
  3. Place the tape lengthwise along one edge of the envelope so that half of it is on the envelope and half is off (see Photo 4 below).
  4. Turn the envelope over and line another envelope next to the first one, leaving a very small gap between the two envelopes (see Photo 5 below).
  5. Test to make sure the envelopes can fold together and unfold easily, then place the envelopes with the taped side on the table.
  6. Tear another piece of removable tape and lay it over the gap between the two envelopes (see Photo 6 below).
  7. Repeat with as many envelopes as you wish, adding a new envelope to one of the ends.
  8. TIP: If you don’t have removable tape, make the book by gluing the flap of one envelope to the back of another, repeating until you have enough pages for the book.
  9. Decorate the envelope pages with shapes cut out of scrap paper, pictures from magazines, stickers, or drawings.
  10. Use the envelope pages to hold small cards, origami animals, photos, etc.
  11. Decorate the pages with markers or crayons.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
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