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Recap of Snapshot Month 2022

February was New Jersey Libraries Snapshot Month! This month was created to ask a question: what would happen if libraries were to disappear, even for just one day? To answer, libraries from across the state share photos of library events, patron feedback, and more on social media. The hope is to demonstrate the integral role that libraries play in their communities, and the value they offer to patrons every day. Here are a few of the things that we posted over Snapshot Month 2022:


Our take and make crafts continued to be a hit, while our first in-person computer class was held for the first time in over two years!


The library provides a chance for teenagers to get involved with their community by earning volunteer hours for school.

Lobby Displays

Whether our lobby displays feature an interesting collection, artwork, photography, or something historical, they highlight how diverse and fascinating the Franklin Township community is.

Book Displays

Our regularly updated book displays are a way to provide reading suggestions to anyone looking for them! The gallery display (first picture) is updated usually twice a month, with each display revolving around a certain theme. The second picture is of our staff picks display, which are titles hand-picked by our librarians and usually updated every six months.

Feedback from Patrons

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we received! The examples below are only a small fraction of the total responses!

Thanks for reading,
George, FTPL

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