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Borrow One of These Cartooning Books for Adults Today!

This past Wednesday (3/23/22), the library hosted Basic Cartooning for Adults on Zoom. Corrine Roberts, a professional illustrator working in children’s books and games, led a presentation that demonstrated basic shape construction and line drawing techniques to create characters and scenery. If you were unable to attend this presentation, or are looking for more material that can get you started in the cartooning world, here a a few books that the library currently has available to check out that can help:

Would you love to create your own cartoons and comic strips? Ever wondered how to draw caricatures of your friends or famous people? Want to know how to draw manga-style characters?

Cartooning is your one-stop guide to all the practical skills and insider tips you need to become a successful cartoonist–and have lots of fun in the process.


  • key techniques for bringing your cartoons to life
  • finding funny ideas and jokes
  • drawing caricatures that capture personality
  • creating your own manga characters and special effects

All you need is a pen, some paper, and–of course–your imagination!

Foundation Course Cartooning is the first step to producing fantastic illustrations – whether hand or computer drawn. Beginning with a fully illustrated overview of the history of cartooning, it gives a fascinating account of early caricatures through to development of modern strip cartoons and animation. Providing everything you need to get started, the book’s practical advice includes which equipment and materials you’ll need for hand-drawn cartoons and guidance on computer hardware and software. All the major cartoon-drawing techniques are covered, plus easy-to-follow instructions on topics such as how to create characters, convey mood, personality and emotion, give the impression of movement, tell a story in pictures, and much more. Finally, masterclasses provide sample illustrations and practical step-by-step cartooning projects, giving valuable insights into how cartoons are generated and how you can improve your skills and develop your illustrations for a range of applications. This book teaches not only how to draw but also how to bring those cartoons to life.

A practical step-by-step guide for anyone interested in cartooning art, it contains original drawings in all styles to illustrate the instructions.

Christopher Hart’s got manga, and he wants to share it with all his millions of readers-especially the beginners. With Manga for the Beginner, anyone who can hold a pencil can start drawing great manga characters right away. Using his signature step-by-step style, Hart shows how to draw the basic manga head and body, eyes, bodies, fashion, and more. Then he goes way beyond most beginner titles, exploring dynamic action poses, special effects, light and shading, perspective, popular manga types such as animals, anthros, and shoujo and shounen characters. By the end of this big book, the new artist is ready to draw dramatic story sequences full of movement and life.

In Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics, Stan Lee reveals his secrets for:

  • Costumes
  • Penciling, Inking & Coloring
  • Lettering & Word Balloons
  • Digital Advances
  • Perspective & Foreshortening
  • What Makes Great Action
  • Page & Panel Layout
  • Covers
  • Creating a Portfolio
  • Getting Work

If you have any questions about putting these or any other books on hold, please leave a comment below, call the reference desk at 732-873-8700 opt.3, or message us on our chat service.

Thanks for reading,
George, FTPL

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