Staff Pick of the Week: Anatomy of Yoga by Abigail Ellsworth

Anatomy of Yoga

In case you didn’t know, summer reading has started and this year’s theme is wellness, fitness and sports. Looking to get in shape this summer? We’ve got tons of fitness and exercise books and DVDS for you to checkout, just browse through the 613’s. One particular series loved by our staffer is “Anatomy Of” from Firefly Books.  This series offers great visuals of the muscles being used in each exercise. Anatomy of Yoga by Abigail Ellsworth is a great introduction and breakdown of yoga poses.

“Yoga teachers and students can use this book as a visual reference to the muscles that are engaged by specific yoga poses. Each pose is shown in a full-color photograph opposite a detailed and annotated anatomical drawing that identifies the active and stabilizing muscles being used. By identifying affected muscles, practitioners can maximize the benefits of each pose and even design a personalized yoga routine that focuses on their specific problem areas.” —Amazon

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