Little Red Hen Puppet Show

Have you ever put on your own puppet show? One of our favorite things to do at the library is to present a puppet show, and the next best thing is to watch and listen as kids put on their own shows in the Children’s area! You can do a show at your house, even if you don’t have a puppet theater. Hide behind a table, or throw a small blanket or tablecloth over a chair and hide behind that, and let your puppets pop up and tell jokes, sing songs, or act out stories.

We made our puppet stage out of a trifold presentation board. A large cardboard carton would work, too. Our dog stick puppets were purchased at a craft fair, but you don’t need fancy puppets – the Little Red Hen puppets were shapes cut out and painted, then mounted on craft sticks.

Enjoy the show! We hope you make your own puppet show after watching ours.

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