Teen ‘Zine!

Beginning September 10, students ages 12-17 can contribute up to 3 items each 2 month period for the Library Teen ‘Zine! Contributions must be original creations by the teen and can be: artwork, photography, poetry, comics or short stories (under 2000 words). All contributions must be submitted electronically and text must easily be copied and pasted (no scans of handwritten works, please). Artwork, photographs and comics should be submitted JPG format. Limited copies of the Teen ‘Zine will be available for distribution in the library on a bi-monthly basis. Works submitted before the 2nd Friday of October, December, February, April & June will be printed in the issue the following month. Contributions will also be posted here on the Teen ‘Zine section of the library website on the same schedule. The 2nd Friday of each month listed is also the deadline for entries to be considered for a Teen ‘Zine bi-monthly raffle to coincide with the release of the printed copies; prize will be a $20 Target gift card. Winners will be selected randomly from all eligible submissions and the prize must be picked up at our DeMott Lane or Franklin Park locations. All entries must be family friendly in nature; nothing explicit, offensive or demeaning in any way will be accepted, nor will we accept any images with people’s faces. Contributions must be emailed to kbilton[at]franklintwp[dot]org.