Masks are still required within the library regardless of vaccination status.
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Get Ready for the Night at the Movies Family Reading Club!

It’s all about the books for our winter reading program – books that were made into movies, that is! Check the ones on this list to see what intrigues you … and DO plan some family reading time, reading one of them aloud together (regardless of the ages of your children). Doing this gives kids a chance to discuss the book with you because you’ve all read the same thing, and this improves their literacy skills (including reading comprehension).

So … stop by the library, check out some of these books (or any others that you like – you don’t have to limit your reading to books that became movies), and pick up the Night at the Movies Family Reading Club log to keep track of how many days you read. All reading counts, whether it’s as a family, on your own, aloud, or silent reading.

Oh, and the library has the movies, too – so check out both the book and the movie, and talk about what changed and which one your child thinks is better.