As per the May 25, 2021 Franklin Township Council work session, masks are still required for entry into the library and other township owned buildings
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Kids @ FTPL

Tail of the Week: Penguins!

Do penguins have tails? Yes! They have small, wedge-shaped tails made up of 14 – 18 stiff tail feathers. We […]

Tail of the Week: Raccoons!

Raccoons have spectacular tails! They are long and bushy and have stripes (14 – 16 to be exact). Raccoons are […]

Tail of the Week: Ladybug!

Tail of the Week: Ladybug! Our “Tail of the Week” has no tail – but plenty of “tales!” The ladybug, […]

Tail of the Week: Turtle!

Tail of the Week: Turtles!This week we are looking at another animal with a tiny tale – the turtle! There […]

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Weekend Fun: Flamingo Prints

Weekend Fun: Flamingo Prints Flamingos are tall, graceful tropical birds noted for their salmon pink color. Their feathers turn that […]