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Kids @ FTPL

Weekend Fun: Llama Drama!

Weekend Fun: Llama Drama! Llamas are similar to the camel, but They live an ocean (and a continent) away in […]

Weekend Fun: Numeral Face Off!

Weekend Fun: Numeral Face Off!There was an unusual day this week: On Tuesday, February 22, the numerals for the date […]

Weekend Fun: Origami Envelope Book

Weekend Fun: Origami Envelope Book The library has many books on origami, the art of folding paper into three-dimensional objects, […]

Weekend Fun: Heart Weaving

Weekend Fun: Heart Weaving Have a heart this week! Do you have a favorite book series or character? Perhaps you’ve […]

Weekend Fun: Heart Wreath!

Weekend Fun: Valentine Wreath!February is International Friendship Month, and what better way to celebrate than by welcoming your friends and […]