Masks are still required within the library regardless of vaccination status.
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Kids @ FTPL

Weekend Fun: Monster Puppets!

Weekend Fun: Monster Puppets! Monsters are imaginary creatures that are sometimes scary but often funny – and monsters are perfect […]

Tail of the Week: Macaw!

Tail of the Week: Macaw A macaw is a colorful parrot with a long feathered tail. There are several varieties: […]

Tail of the Week: Rooster!

Tail of the Week: Rooster! The rooster has a glorious tail with three or four long, wavy feathers on top. […]

Tail of the Week: Fish!

Tail of the Week: Fish! It’s oh-fish-ial: We’re going underwater for our Tail of the Week to have some fun […]

Tail of the Week: Penguins!

Do penguins have tails? Yes! They have small, wedge-shaped tails made up of 14 – 18 stiff tail feathers. We […]

Tail of the Week: Raccoons!

Raccoons have spectacular tails! They are long and bushy and have stripes (14 – 16 to be exact). Raccoons are […]