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Teen Facebook CSLP2016As as preview, here are a few suggestions to read over the summer!  Be sure to sign-up for summer reading and log the hours you spend reading these great stuff.



pickupPick-up Game: A Full Day of Full Court by Various Authors

9 YA authors tell the story of West 4th Street Court in NYC.  In a series of short stories, poems, and photographs, you’ll learn about the strange new player names Waco, the virgin Irene, ESPN hotshots, and the 6 foot 8 in dude named Chester.


Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomitennis

Manga and tennis combine in the story of tennis prodigy  Ryoma Echizen.  Ryoma quickly defeats upperclassmen at his new private school and earns a spot on the team.  Throughout the series, Ryoma learns increasingly complex tennis moves, makes new friends, creates some tennis moves of his own, and earns the nickname “Prince of Tennis”.


levelLevel up by Gene Luen Yang

The battle Video Games and Medical School!!!  Dennis Ouyang wants to play video games professionally but his parents want him to become a gastroenterologist.  Who will win?  And why are these weirdly cute and terrifying angel creatures trying to help?  This graphic novel explores what it’s like to come-of-age as an Asian American.


The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smithforbidden

Think Jumanji, but much darker.  Something goes wrong when Jenny, Tom, and their friends start to play a new board game; it comes to life!  If you die in the game, you die in real life.  And the only way to win the Game is to face your most secret fears.  Can you win?


iversonNot a game : the incredible rise and unthinkable fall of Allen Iverson by Kent Bab

Not a Game is an impeccably researched, honest look at the factors that led to the rise and fall of a basketball superstar. In doing so, it illuminates the dark side of our modern day, multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment culture in which talented players are disposable—and all too often success and tragedy wear the same number.


Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes by Julie Morrissmoothies

The author whips up 100 nutrient-rich recipes using the world’s most antioxidant-, vitamin- and mineral-packed foods, and offers innovative culinary methods for making your smoothies incredibly nutritious and delicious.  Whether you’re looking for an energy boost, seeking a gentle cleanse, or just trying to get healthy, you’ll be inspired to power up the blender!


gameGame design : how to create video and tabletop games, start to finish  by Lewis Pulsipher

The topics explored include the varying types of games, vital preliminaries of making a game, the nuts and bolts of devising a game, creating a prototype, testing, designing levels, technical aspects, and assessing nature of the audience. With practice challenges, a list of resources for further exploration, and a glossary of industry terms, this manual is essential for the nascent game designer and offers food for thought for even the most experienced professional.

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