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Teen Health Information Session: Consent and Reproductive Health

Teen Health and Wellness Information Session: Consent and Reproductive Health
Tuesday February 20th @ 7pm
What is family planning? How is it related to sexual and reproductive health? What are the forms of birth control that are available? What is safe sex? What is consent? What sets apart healthy relationships from unhealthy ones? Adolescence is not an easy time and these are not easy subjects to discuss, but they are important ones to understand so that we can take control of our own health and well-being. In this presentation, health care professionals will cover all of these topics through lecture, discussion, and activities.

Presented by Alice Huang and Arianna Cohen of Zufall Health Center

As an AmeriCorps Member with Zufall Health, Alice Huang serves Zufall’s community health centers in public health and health education capacities, designing and implementing initiatives such as a prenatal and postnatal education program for expecting adolescent mothers as well as assisting patients with health insurance enrollment. Previously, she served as a Medical Associate for Global Public Service Academies, a small organization aimed at broadening high school students’ understanding of health care in a foreign context in Guatemala and Belize. When not supervising high school clinical volunteer trips, she worked in a government-funded health clinic in a rural Guatemalan town. Alice is passionate about global health and issues related to women’s health and hopes to integrate public health and medicine as a practicing physician in the future.

Arianna Cohen has an academic background in Public Health. She is currently the Prevention/Outreach Coordinator for the Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) at Zufall Health in Somerville. She has held this position for the past two years. She is committed to implementing primary prevention strategies for sexual violence, which means preventing it before it ever occurs. Most of her work includes engaging Somerset County’s middle schools, high schools and youth-serving organizations in primary prevention. Ms. Cohen coordinates the Somerset Violence Prevention Coalition to engage community members to combat all acts of violence. Previously, she has done work as a Sex Educator for a non-profit in Newark, NJ as well as a Health Educator for Morristown Medical Center. In 2013, she served two years as a Sexual Assault Advocate in Passaic County and continues to serve in Somerset County.

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