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Library PINs have changed!

PINs, now called passwords, have changed for ALL users!

Users may log in to the library catalog using the last 4 digits of their primary phone number

Users may reset their password by visiting the link here.

For further assistance please use our contact form or call us at 732-873-8700.

Summer Reading Week 2: Just Dance, Karaoke, and Korean Hip-Hop

Just Dance and Karaoke Tuesday July 17th @ 7pm

Our PS4 is ready and the microphone is turned up to 11! Come take turns dancing and singing all night long. All skill levels and genres welcome.




Summer of K-Pop!

Korean Hip-Hop: A New Poetic Intervention Thursday July 19th @ 7pm

We will explore how Korean musicians have been able to build a creative space to experiment with this new American import since 1990s and to find ways to subvert censorship and finally to give birth to Korean Hip-Hop. After two decades of negotiating linguistic and cultural tensions, successful rappers have seamlessly created internal and multi-word rhymes, flow and storytelling that flaunt an identity of ‘self-conscious” artists in the world of musical sell-outs.

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