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Fun with Toddlers (and Preschoolers)

Make homemade paint! It’s easy with the recipe you can find here:

Non-Toxic DIY Paint Recipe For Kids

It uses only flour, salt, hot water, and food coloring. Read the comments at the end of the article for additional tips on making it. Involve the kids in the mixing to make it educational – after all, it’s chemistry. And if, for some reason, your recipe doesn’t turn out quite as you expected – that’s a chemistry lesson, too. Talk about why you think it worked or didn’t work. Help develop your child’s critical thinking and predictive skills by asking them why they think it worked or didn’t work.

Here are more ideas to have fun with toddlers on a rainy day when you can’t go out:

  • Get an empty water bottle or soda bottle and some ribbon, and show your toddler how to push the ribbon into the bottle.
  • Poke pipe cleaners or straws into a colander.
  • Get a cardboard box like a cereal box or cracker box and open the side flaps to flatten it out. Scribble on it with crayons or watercolor markers.
  • Have a Drive-in Movie! Transform an empty delivery box into a car: Decorate the outside with crayons, markers, paper, pictures printed from the Internet, and have your child sit inside to watch a movie on your television.  Use a paper plate for a steering wheel. They can even have a snack or lunch in their “car.”
  • Have a Dance Party with your favorite playlist! Help them wind down near the end of your dance session by introducing scarves or fabric. Have them follow what you do with the scarf, making your movements slower and slower, and end by singing a lullaby together.
  • Stay tuned for our next Virtual Storytime this afternoon! Today will be nursery rhymes with puppets. You can follow the Library’s Facebook page to get notified when we go Live, or watch the replay below.
  • Most important: Have fun together (and give yourself a break when you can)!
  • Here is the replay of the Virtual Storytime for today:

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