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Vacation Creations: Create a Paper Sculpture

Make a 3D sculpture using 2D paper!

What you need:

  • A rectangle cut from a cereal box or other thin cardboard
  • Paper scraps of all sorts and colors – but check with your parents first to make sure you aren’t using anything important to them: Construction paper, copy paper, junk mail, catalogs, old envelopes, or any other paper you have around the house.
  •  Scissors 
  • Glue stick (wet glue works too)
  • Optional: Crayons or markers

What to do:

Collect your paper scraps. If you have blank white paper, you can color it with crayons or markers first. Cut pieces of paper – triangles, strips, squares, circles, free-form shapes, and so on. You could also tear paper for interesting effects.

Once you have your paper, begin shaping and folding it. Make curls by rolling a paper strip around a pencil or tube. Make an accordion fold by folding a strip back and forth. What other ways can you fold?

Make paper “feet” to help the paper stand up from the cardboard base or from other paper: Just fold up each end and glue the folds to another piece of paper or the cardboard base.


  • To have fun!
  • Clean up when you’re finished!
  • Post a picture of your creation on the Library’s Facebook page or email it to!

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