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Weekend Fun: Bunny Printing!

Weekend Fun: Bunny Printing
There are so many good books about bunnies that are perfect for spring! Check out the “Storytime to Go” at the Main Library to borrow three books about spring (including one about a bunny) that comes with a craft kit to make paper tube bunnies, and then extend the activity with Bunny Printing!

What you need:
• Paper towel tube
• White paint
• Scissors
• Markers
• Paint palette (take out tray or paper plate)
• 2 paper clips

What you do:
1. Cut the paper towel tube into three equal lengths.
2. Put a crease in two of the tubes so that they are no longer round. These are the ears.
3. Use the paper clips to attach the ears to the remaining round tube. This is your bunny stamp! TIP: For younger children, it may help to secure the opposite ends with tape.
4. Put your fingers through the holes in the tubes to hold the bunny stamp, and dip in white paint. TIP: Be sure the bottoms of the tubes are even with each other, and get plenty of paint on them. 
5. Press the bunny stamp onto paper to make a bunny print. TIP: If part of the bunny doesn’t print, adjust the tubes slightly to be sure they will all touch the paper. Don’t worry, you can match up the stamp with the print to stamp over it – or just use a paint brush or pencil dipped in paint to fix the missing part.
6. Make lots of bunny prints! Let them dry and then fill in the details with colored markers or paint them in different colors.

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