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Weekend Fun: Monster Puppets!

Weekend Fun: Monster Puppets!

Monsters are imaginary creatures that are sometimes scary but often funny – and monsters are perfect for some October Halloween fun!

Register NOW for a marionette puppet show that features Halloween creatures when Robert Rogers Puppet Company presents Hobnobbin’ Goblins on Sunday, October 24, at 2:00 p.m. Details are on the events calendar on the Library’s website.

Get ready for some Halloween fun by making your own monster puppets out of a paper bag and scraps, and put on a show. For the rest of October, when you pick up a craft pack at the Children’s Desk at the Main Library on DeMott Lane, it will include a paper bag along with the scraps and other odds and ends to help you craft your own puppets.

Check out a few monster books while you’re there – just ask the librarian at the Children’s Desk to help you find some.

Make a Monster Puppet

What you need:

  • Paper lunch bag, any size
  • Assorted scrap paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Markers or crayons

What you do:

  1. Find the bottom on the folded paper bag. It looks like a big rectangle with a flap that lifts up. This will be the puppet’s face.
  2. Cut circles for eyes (as many as you think it needs) and draw eye dots, eyeballs, or crazy spirals in the centers. Glue them in place.
  3. Cut or tear a long piece of scrap paper for the nose and glue it between the eyes.
  4. Cut a circle in half and glue on each side of the face for ears.
  5. Cut an odd shape for the mouth and glue it under the flap so it shows.
  6. Cut tiny triangles and glue them underneath the flap so they stick out as teeth.
  7. Cut wavy lines and glue on top of the head for hair.
  8. Add anything else you think the monster needs: horns, warts, antennae, etc.
  9. Cut two rectangles for arms and draw hands or paws on each one. Glue at the sides of the bag for the monster’s arms.
  10. Cut or tear assorted scraps for clothes.

Make a two-headed monster by gluing two large shapes to serve as heads on the bottom of the bag.

Monster Jokes for the Puppet Show

What kind of vehicle do monsters drive? Monster trucks!

How do you speak to a monster? Very carefully from far away!

What do you say when you meet a scary, two-headed monster? Bye bye!

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