Your Public Library is More Valuable than Ever! (Part 6: Work Space, Computers, and WiFi)

Libraries are about much, much more than just print books!

For the past few weeks we’ve be covering some of the reasons why your public library is more valuable than ever, and why your library card is the most valuable thing in your wallet!


Our last installment of this series: Work Space, WiFi, and Computers.

This topic might seem a little obvious, but access to a physical space where you can get work done and computers with internet are not always a given. In places like coffee shops and book stores, customers are expected to spend money in order to use whatever amenities are available (if any). At public libraries, these things are offered for FREE! You don’t even have to checkout any books!


Public Work Spaces

Every library will have tables and chairs set aside for you to do work. Some will even have secluded areas for patrons who really need to study! Here at the Library, we have a number of places to study and plug in whatever device you’re using. Of course, the only restrictions are the library’s hours of operation and your speaking volume!


The Library also has a number of desktop PCs available for use. Regardless of whether you’re writing a term paper, emailing coworkers, filing taxes, or just looking up pictures of cats, our PCs are here for whatever you need!

We also have essential workplace equipment that you can use:

  • Printer (black and white/color)
  • Scanner
  • Copier (black and white/color)
  • Fax machine (outgoing only)


Free WiFi

Image result for wifi logo

We also offer free WiFi! This means that you can bring your own device and work on whatever you need. To find out the WiFi name and password, you can ask the Reference Desk!


We hope we’ve able to show you just how valuable and relevant your public library is. While we are thrilled to help you find and checkout any print book your heart desires, this isn’t the only thing libraries are capable of. The best way to find out for sure what we have to offer is to come in and see for yourself!

For questions about this topic or any others that we’ve covered in this blog series, please call the Reference Desk at 732-873-8700 ext. 111.

Thanks so much for reading!

-George, FTPL

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