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November Book Suggestions: I mustache you a question…

Specifically, whodunnit? (and maybe who, what, where, and why just in case).

This month I’ll be highlighting mystery titles in our collection.  Some terrifying psychological thrillers, others inspired by classic noir, and maybe some with humorous, quirky characters (or locales).

These titles are great for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Veronica Mars, Law & Order, Dashiell Hammett, and Twin Peaks.  So if you like to solve puzzles, ask questions, or just want to try something new, check out these titles:

down_rabbitDown the Rabbit Hole: an Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahams


Welcome to Echo Falls, home of a thousand secrets.  Ingrid is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or at least her shoes are. And getting them back will mean getting tangled up in a murder investigation as complicated as the mysteries solved by her idol, Sherlock Holmes. With soccer practice, schoolwork, and the lead role in her town’s production of Alice in Wonderland, Ingrid is swamped. But as things in Echo Falls keep getting curiouser and curiouser, Ingrid realizes she must solve the murder on her own — before it’s too late!

You Killed Wesley Payne by Sean Beaudion you-killed-wesley-payne

When hard-boiled, seventeen-year-old private investigator Dalton Rev transfers to Salt River High to solve the case of a dead student, he has his hands full trying to outwit the police, negotiate the school’s social hierarchy, and get paid.

divinersThe Diviners by Libba Bray

After humiliating her parents with her unrestrained behavior at a party, privileged young Evie O’Neill is sent to live with her eccentric uncle in New York City — a “punishment” that utterly delights Evie, who can’t wait to mix with Ziegfield girls and sneak into some big-city speakeasies (it’s the Roaring Twenties). But when her Uncle Will, curator of the Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult, is called on to help solve a rash of bizarre, other-worldly murders, Evie is drawn in to the investigations because of a special ability she’s tried to keep secret.

The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellisonbutterfly_clues

The death of her older brother, Oren, has only heightened Lo’s obsessive-compulsive tendencies, which now include wandering through “Neverland,” the dangerous neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, where Oren died of a drug overdose. While exploring Neverland one night, Lo narrowly avoids being shot; when she later discovers that she stumbled upon a young woman’s murder, Lo becomes obsessed with finding the girl’s killer.

deadgirlsDead girls don’t write letters by Gail Giles

Fourteen-year-old Sunny is stunned when a total stranger shows up at her house posing as her older sister Jazz, who supposedly died out of town in a fire months earlier.


For more thrillers check-out classic teen author Joan Lowery Nixon, for more historical mysteries check-out Philip Pullman’s Victorian Sally Lockhart series or Colleen Gleason’s Stocker and Holmes mysteries.

For even more mysteries, check-out the display in the Young Adult area or come find me! 



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