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Native American Artifacts of Franklin Township

Come celebrate the release of the Library’s Native American artifact collection, while learning more about how to identify the artifacts you may discover on your property or during a hike or walk in the Central New Jersey area. The Library’s collection contains items that were discovered on Franklin Township farms and pathways over the course of many years and donated to the library.

Through consultation with dedicated field archaeologist Jim Wade, the collection has been identified and organized by date range to help viewers understand the progression of Native life in the area.  During his presentation, Jim Wade will take the audience on a journey back in time to discover the original Native Americans who lived here hundreds of years ago.  He will demonstrate how we can uncover the hidden presence of these inhabitants who once hunted, fished, and gathered wild plants throughout the Central NJ area.  Jim’s presentation will provide an overview of how to differentiate artifacts and how to determine whether an item is actually an artifact or simply an interesting stone.  He will also give us insight into how these tools and weapons were created and why they were important to the people who made them.

This event will be held Wednesday, April 27th from 7:00-8:30 in the Community Room. Sign up!

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