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Mental Health Month Panel

Mental Health Month Panel
Thursday May 12th @ 6pm
Teens and their families are invited to a panel and Q&A session on mental health topics concerning adolescents.  Several experts from the area will be here to provide information about the mental health services they provide as well as answer questions .  Presented in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.  No registration required. 
Our Presenters include:
Laura Koller, MA. LPC from the Somerset County Health Department
Susan Coyle, Coordinator, Middlesex County Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth
Joanne Wiedman, Carrier Clinic


Mental health is an issue that affects individuals of every age, every race, every class, etc. It is an issue that does not only affect those who suffer; it affects those around them as well. The taboo associated with mental illness cause it to be misunderstood by the general public. Take this opportunity to learn a bit more about mental health and mental illnesses, because chances are, it’s made an impact on you. (Ginger Isenberg)
Visit the sites below to learn more about Mental Health Awareness Month:
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health)
Mental Health America
May is Mental Health Awareness Month on Odyssey Online


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