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These Copyrighted Books from 1923 Have Officially Entered the Public Domain!

Starting in 2019, a large number of copyrighted works are entering the public domain for the first time in years. So, why are we posting about this? As a public library, we like to let people know when things are available to them for free. Because they have moved into the public domain, many noteworthy books can now be read in eBook format anywhere for free, even without your library card! Here are a few examples:


Image result for mrs dalloway in bond street book coverImage result for the murder on the links book coverImage result for the prophet book cover

Image result for spring and all book cover









Image result for new hampshire robert frost book cover

Image result for edith wharton a son at the front book cover

Image result for the inimitable jeeves book cover



Image result for the world crisis winston churchill book cover



More noteworthy titles include:

Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley

Hypnos, The Lurking Fear, Memory, and What the Moon Brings (Short Stories) by H.P. Lovecraft

Kangaroo by D.H. Lawrence

Men Like Gods by H.G. Wells

The Prospects of Industrial Civilization by Bertrand and Dora Russell (Nonfiction)

Rootabega Pigeons by Carl Sandburg

Tarzan and the Golden Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughs



If you’re interested in the classics, or if you’d like to see what else you can read for free, click here to explore the HathiTrust, or click here for Project Gutenberg!

Click Here if you’d like to read more about this historic copyright event (courtesy of the Atlantic)!


Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

-George, FTPL

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