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Local Artist Display: An Interview with Shashi Jain

The lobby display of our main branch now features the vibrant work of local artist Shashi Jain. In the following interview, Shashi kindly answers our questions about her use of color, her travels, and what inspires her work.

Franklin Twp Public Library: How long have you been living in the Somerset area?

Shashi Jain: I have been a resident of Somerset for the past 6 years.

FTPL: How long have you been painting? When did you discover that you have artistic talent?

SJ: I have been painting for many years. I have enjoyed painting since childhood and I am still trying to discover if I have any artistic talent. Presently, I am taking a basic drawing class at a local community college. I think if I have had a formal training, I would have definitely done better.

FTPL: How do you know when a certain color or shape is the right choice for trying to convey an emotion?

SJ: I don’t know much about color theory. I just choose color as I go along. There is plenty written about various colors and tones representing different emotions. I am usually influenced by the subject I am painting.

FTPL: Your paintings frequently feature different locations around the world. What strikes you most about a place during your time there, and what about it are you trying to capture in painting?

SJ: Yes, I do like to create something from the memory of when I travel to some place, just to keep that memory and put it in my media. One time I went to Egypt and I created two stained glass panels after I returned to preserve the view of pyramids. I also made painting of Iceland and tried to capture the silence of countryside.

FTPL: If you could travel to one place for the sake of painting it, where would you go?

SJ: I find things to paint anywhere. I am mostly touched by the nature and the feeling it arouses in me. I would be painting Fall at the moment but learning basic drawing is enough to occupy me presently.

Thank you for your thoughtful questions and interest. I hope people find some joy in my paintings as they hang in the library. [The] library is one of my most favorite places after Colonial [Park] in Somerset.

The library is always looking for artists, crafters, and collectors to feature on our art wall and in our display cases. For more information, please email with a little about yourself and a link to your website or social media accounts. You can also attach samples of your work. Preference is given to residents of Franklin Township.

Thanks for reading!

George, FTPL

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