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Your Public Library is More Valuable than Ever! (Part 4: Events and Programming)

Libraries are about much, much more than just print books!

For the next few weeks we’ll be covering some of the reasons why your public library is more valuable than ever, and why your library card is the most valuable thing in your wallet!


This week’s blog: Events and Programs.

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Public libraries very often host music concerts, educational lectures, and classes for free! The Franklin Township Public Library is no different, as we offer a wide variety of FREE events and programs to the public. Here are just a few recent examples:


Music Concerts

The Library hosts concerts of many different music genres, including folk, rock, classical, jazz, and more! Admission to these concerts is FREE, but as they are popular you will usually have to register beforehand.


Part of our summer concert series: John Clark’s Little Big Band on 8/8/18.


T-Klez: a unique brand of Klezmer music on 8/1/18.


Zydeco-a-Go-Go: New Orleans/Cajun style rock and roll! (7/18/18).


Classes and Workshops

We’ve already mentioned some of the tech-oriented classes available to Library patrons, but did you know we also have classes and workshops for yoga, mediation, painting, writing, and much, much more? Here are a few past examples:

Yoga for Beginners

As one of our most popular programs, Yoga for Beginners is just that: a chance for adults to have an introductory course to the fundamentals of yoga!

Note: While this class is free, participants MUST sign up beforehand either online (click here) or calling the Reference Desk at 732-873-8700 ext. 111. New sessions open for registration 30 minutes after the current session ends (6:30 on Mondays). 

Adult Paint Night

Adult Paint Night is a great way to learn a new hobby while having a ton of fun for free! For this particular class (7/26/18), Monet’s Waterlilies series was used as an example.

Healthy Summer Sandwiches

This hands-on cooking class (7/20/18) demonstrated how to make healthy and delicious sandwiches for the perfect summer meal!


Makers Day



On 3/10/18, both branches of our Library participated in Makers Day 2018! It is a day set aside to celebrate Maker Culture, or the movement involving people of all ages who build and create crafts and technology using simple, broken, discarded, or raw materials. We will also be participating in Makers Day 2019! For more information on NJ Makers Day, click here!




These are just a few examples of the FREE programs and events available to you every day as a library patron! To see what we have going on, please Click Here to view our online calendar, or call the Reference Desk at 732-873-8700 ext. 111. 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next week’s installment of “Your Public Library is More Valuable than Ever!”

-George, FTPL

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