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Tax Help Information: AARP Assistance and Printed Tax Forms!

Tax season is upon us once again, and the library is here to help! This year, we will be hosting tax help courtesy of AARP. We will also be providing free printed tax forms, and our reference staff can assist you in finding and printing additional forms as necessary!


AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

AARP will be providing in-person tax preparation at the main branch during the months of February, March, and April. This program is open to taxpayers of all ages, and you don’t need to be an AARP member! Tax-aide volunteers are trained and IRS-certified every year.


Assistance is by appointment only. Appointments can only be made through AARP and not the library. The contact number for appointments is (908) 541-5710. This number should be open for appointments on or around February 1, 2019. The tax-aide volunteers will be taking appointments until April 15th (tax filing deadline).


Printed Tax Forms

The library also has printed tax forms available for you to take free of charge! We have received instruction booklets and the newly redesigned Form 1040 booklet that is for use by all taxpayers. This booklet now contains six additional schedules that are frequently used by taxpayers, including:

  • Schedule 1 — Additional Income or Adjustments to Income (capital gains, unemployment compensation, prize winnings, and any deductions).
  • Schedule 2 — Tax (owe AMT or need to make advance premium tax credit repayment).
  • Schedule 3 — Nonrefundable Credits (foreign tax, education, or general business credit).
  • Schedule 4 — Other Taxes (self-employment tax, additional tax on IRAs, etc.).
  • Schedule 5 — Other Payments and Refundable Credits (such as health coverage tax credit).
  • Schedule 6 — Foreign Address and Third Party Designee .

Additionally, there is no longer a Form 1040A or a Form 1040 EZ.

The Form 1040 instruction booklet.
The From 1040 booklet, complete with form 1040 and additional, commonly used schedules.

















The Form 1040 Booklet and the Instructions for the Form 1040 are the only printed copies of tax materials the library will have available this year. They can be found near the water fountains and copiers (as soon as you enter the building on the right). Reference staff are happy to assist patrons in obtaining printouts of other tax forms (at 10 cents a page) online from the IRS.


Printed New Jersey tax forms for 2018 will not be available at the library this year, but you can find them at the Division of Taxation site,


Have any questions? Leave a comment below, or call the Reference Desk at (732) 873-8700 ext.111.


Thanks for reading!

-George, FTPL

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