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Winter Reading Fun: Harry Potter’s Owl

There are several owls in the Harry Potter series of books by J,K. Rowling – how would all of those Hogwarts students get their mail without owl post? – but the most intriguing by far is Harry’s snowy owl, Hedwig.

Snowy Owls live in the northernmost parts of North America. The adult males have the snowy appearance of Hedwig, with a few brown bars on its wings. The female and juvenile are more heavily barred. You can learn more about the snowy owl and see photos at this link from The Cornell Lab:

Act out your favorite parts of the Harry Potter stories for some weekend fun! If you can, use a platform like Zoom to get together with your friends and pretend that they are in the moving/talking pictures that hang in the Halls of Hogwarts!

Find a tree branch outside to serve as your wand – let it “call out to you” to be sure you are matched with the right wand, just like in the book. And make your own Snowy Owl to carry messages from room to room in your house (since, unfortunately, it can’t really fly through the air to your friends’ houses).

Make a Snowy Owl

TIP: If you want your owl to be female, use a brown crayon or colored pencil to color just the edges of the scalloped circles that form the feathers on the belly. Both male and female owls can have brown edges on their wings.

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