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February is New Jersey Libraries Snapshot Month!

What would happen if public libraries were to disappear, even for just one day?

Previously known as Snapshot Day, New Jersey Libraries Snapshot Month was created to ask the above question. To help answer it, libraries from around the state will use social media to showcase the social connections, projects, and services that they provide every day to their communities. To highlight the value of the Franklin Township Library and its workers to the community, we will be posting pictures of what a typical day at the library is like over the next few weeks. Most importantly, we will be sharing your library stories and feedback (examples below) to help us give understanding about and context for the meaningful work libraries do for the public on a daily basis.

“The librarians are always so friendly, kind, & helpful. We’ve been coming here for seven years and are so thankful for the wonderful team of children’s librarians here. We love you!”
“There is a wide variety of books, it’s quiet, and everything is organized. The checkout staff are very kind.”

“Because of love to read books.” (We do, too!)

Tell us why you love your library! Do you attend online programs? Use our computers, printers, and/or copiers? Do you check out books here often? Do you use the study spaces? All of the above? Tell us your library story by clicking here!

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading,
George, FTPL

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