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Library PINs have changed!

PINs, now called passwords, have changed for ALL users!

Users may log in to the library catalog using the last 4 digits of their primary phone number

Users may reset their password by visiting the link here.

For further assistance please use our contact form or call us at 732-873-8700.

Spring Cleaning and Book Donations

Severla old and new books in cardboard box. Isolated on white.

Have you kept yourself busy on these rainy days by spring cleaning and now have books to donate? We certainly appreciate your interest!  Please bear in mind our guidelines for donation when you’re boxing them up.

  • Books should be brought to the Circulation Desk during normal business hours.  Out of consideration for others, we request that you do not drop donations in the book returns or leave them in bags and boxes outside the library.
  • A form letter for tax purposes is available upon request; however the estimated valuation of the donation is the responsibility of the donor.

 We will gladly accept the following:

  1. Books in good physical condition (no water damage, mildew, underlining or highlighting)
  2. Paperback books must have covers intact
  3. DVDs, Spoken Word Audio CDs, Children’s Books and Music CDs

The library will not accept:

  1. Materials that are moldy, dirty, yellowed, stained,  damp or musty smelling
  2. Textbooks, medical or legal texts and workbooks that accompany textbooks
  3. Encyclopedias
  4. Magazines, including National Geographic
  5. VHS and cassette tapes
  6. Reader’s Digest condensed books
  7. Games and puzzles

Many other organizations may accept the material we cannot use. Here is a list of alternative places. Remember, books that cannot be donated can be recycled along with your household recycling (hardback covers should be removed first).  Recycling old books helps the environment, however you should do this from home.  The Library is not responsible for recycling unacceptable donations and it will be the patron’s responsibility to remove these donations from the Library.

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